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Today I will be sewing … scarfs and more scarfs! Last week I purchased more gorgeous soft fabrics and was again experimenting with dyeing it. This week is serious business, working on final steps of making scarfs and making it perfect 🙂

BlueBerry Ash Textiles

Other task for today is to print more of this fabric in different colours.  I have quilted market bags ideas with this Chained print flying in my head, hope I will be fast with my scarf sewing and will get to print at least few…

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After participating at an inspirational and intoxicating Shibori workshop on Sunday that was held at the Powers House Museum and run by Pepa Martin and Karen Davis from Shibori , I’m working on a new type of project again! Experimenting and making new products.

these indigo pillow cases I have dyed at shibory workshop

Last night I dyed silk/cotton fabric, calico and lace to make large scarfs and pillow cases. I will try to finish all off today as soon as fabric is dry. Can’t wait to show here the finished product!

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles

I am absolutely amazed with the whole process of fabric dyeing: techniques itself easy and quick, colours are bright, not much colour mixing involved, however there is plenty of room for colour experimentation. And there is no right or wrong in fabric dyeing (well it’s my point of view), not like in screen printing where things have to line up and you have to be accurate and precise. With fabric dyeing you are free to make mistakes!

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This is my first time joining Our Creative Spaces this year and I am very excited to share what I am up to creatively.

Just recently I have started experimenting with abstract printing on fine fibers, very interesting process.  I like to observe and analyse how fibers absorb ink or not :). What is the amount of ink needed to print on finer fabrics or how thick or thin inks need to be? Which squeegee creates better result than other? What colours overlaps well etc…All have to be recorded in a journal for a further experimentation. I think it’s my favourite part in the design development, slowly working towards great results, making mistakes, learning, perfecting.

BlueBerry Ash fabric

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I had big plans for this morning: get up early, finish pillow cases that I have started last night and complete everything that is on my to-do list for today, but ahhh… the rain, miserable weather kept me in bed longer, I know the is not the weather to blame, but sometimes it’s nice to blame something else and not yourself. Anyway hours later than I planed I have finished my pillow cases. Now it’s time for shop update 🙂

hand printed fabric

hand printed fabric

hand printed fabric

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P.S  I am having a market this Saturday from 8am to 1 pm in Leichhardt, last market for this year.

I am sharing stall with Asako from Piggledde, please come and visit us if you are not scared of the weather 🙂

Here is the details Orange Grove Market ,

Cnr Perry Street & Balmain Road, Leichhardt, 2040

See you there!

My Creative Space


Working on mini patterns for a facelift of my blog; not all of them I like but I can pick a few.

It will be my Christmas present to my blog 🙂

hopefully it all will work out as I planned and be ready for a great start in the New Year.

What do you think is any of this patters will be suitable for the blog buttons?

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My Creative Space

There are a few things happening here today. First of all a little sneak peek of my new tutorial that I am working on. Remember that abstract experiment with painting on fabric? Well I am using purple abstract for my Fashionista Bag tutorial, combining it with leather. Stay tuned, I will complete it in a next few days.

Another thing that I am working on today is building up stock for pre-Christmas studio market, tea towels and pillow cases are to be made today. I will post more information about our market later here and on my Facebook page.

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Collage is what I am sharing with you today at My Creative Space. I pulled together items that are always with me at my desk helping me to create and photographed them together with what I am working on.

Some of these things are especially dear to me like these scissors, which were passed down through generations and ended up with me here in Australia. They belonged to my great grandad that was a veterinary and lived in middle Volga of soviet Russia; he used those scissors at his work place. Just thinking about this great journey that these scissors made and those hands that created with them motivates me. My great grandad, my grandad, my mum and now me, it’s incredible and they are in perfect condition, been built to last forever.

Does you creative space has got something that brings kind memories to you, inspires you, motivates?

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My Creative Space: giveaway contest

Today at My Creative Space I decided to host a giveaway contest!

I have never done it before and I really hope that you my readers will enjoy it.  I do put lots of love and thought into my work, the fabrics that I carefully selected for this contest are some of my favourites and popular by demand.  And I am sure the winner will love them too. It will be a delightful present for any crafter or sewing enthusiast who truly appreciates handmade. All fabrics are hand screen printed on 50% cotton, 50% linen base cloth. The Winner will receive fabric pack of three including:

“Huts” in Pebble Grey 50X70 cm

“Chained” in Persimmon 50X45 cm

“Oriental Swirls” in Deep Ocean 80X20 cm

To enter giveaway you simply need to visit BlueBerry Ash Facebook page, press the like button on BlueBerry Ash page if you like the page and leave your name under “Giveaway Fabric Pack Contest” post.

Please leave your name once only. Giveaway open to anyone who would like to have this lovely hand printed fabrics! The results will be announced Thursday next week at 9 pm on AEST.

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My Creative Space

I’ve been thinking about summer, fabrics, colours, techniques, styles… it’s hard to make a choice and know where and when to stop. Quite often I want to do everything and now. I was overwhelmed yesterday by all ideas that were in my head, taking time off from thinking and a bit of doodling helped me to get back to calm.

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My Creative Space

My creative space is in quiet mode; my parents in law are leaving today. It is sad and pity to say good bye, but I know we will see them soon again. In relation to their departure I want to post here my favourite quote, don’t know who said it and if it is a correctly quoted, but here it is “The Best Things In Life Are Invisible”, It’s so true, love, kindness, compassion… something we can’t see or touch, but can’t live without.

I made this poster for your download, to print out or save on your desktop as a reminder of what is important in life.

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