Shop Update

Last week I have printed a few new Strawberry Field table runners. Table runners are something that I haven’t done before. It’s a totally new product for my shop, hope it will become well-liked. I used Classy Blue, Sweet Pink, Mustard inks and 100% Russian linen for printing. Mustard one turned out to be my favourite print, I must screen print it for myself 🙂

BlueBerry Ash Textiles

BlueBerry Ash TextilesWhile photographing today these runners to upload in store, pink colour print, as usually, caused me some annoyance. I always have problems with photographing red and especially pinks. It’s one of the colours that never turned out to be correct match to the reality when photographing. Does anyone have a suggestion? It’s time to look deeper into photography, I think.

BlueBerry Ash TextilesToday or tomorrow I will print placemats in addition to these table runners.

P.S click on image to see the runners in store

Lesson with Eeli #3

BlueBerry Ash textiles

I finally did one more lesson with Eeli “Paint and draw a hand painted postcard”. Honestly, it was more like… lets say inspired by Eeli’s lesson. There is something wrong with me; I am a total fiasco at following the instructions. I see it and do it my own way. Not sure, is it good or bad…

In her lesson, Eeli recommends to cut paper into pieces of needed size, which I did. Paint freely on cards, using acrylic colours and black marker for details. This is the part where I failed 🙂 I used water colour and gouache instead; the black marker part is missing too. But I like the result. When I looked at little paintings, I saw a pattern in my work. Some paintings were united either by colour or shape or texture. You see, they are like little cohesive collections. I definitely will use them in further works.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles


My screens have been exposed a week ago if not earlier, but everyday seems there was something getting in my way of printing. Today it’s done! Printed! The first batch of new print is done. Fresh design, fresh colours I think it turned out ok. When I was working on this design, I was thinking of those who love to craft, sew and quilt. If you are one of those, would you use it for you project? I will be printing more tomorrow, in some warm and comfy colours, maybe orange, red and yellow…

BlueBerry Ash textiles

I have promised earlier to share the results of dyeing fabrics, and I did, except not here, but on my Facebook page. I tend to use Facebook often instead of blog as it’s easier to post and instant feedbacks are very encouraging. So this is for those who read my blog and not Facebook 🙂 These scarfs that I have made are from dyed earlier fabrics… There is other bunch of scarfs in different colours on its way; in fact it’s in a dye bath this moment slowly absorbing ink. And as soon as all are done, they will be listed in my shop!

BlueBerry Ash textile

Lesson with Eeli #2

Continuing art lessons with Eeli... her next lesson is called Cut and clue paper collage. Eeli recomends: “Cut pieces of colored papers in various shapes, round, square and triangular. Before gluing pieces on paper, play with them and try a variety of compositions, try to find compositions where color and shape fit better together.” I have been thinking on how I can implement my craft into her lessons. Cut the fabric scraps? but guess what, I hardly have any leftovers, as I don’t like wastage and tend to print very precisely 🙂  An idea came to my mind when I was experimenting with silk/cotton fabric painting and holding masking tape in my hands. Instead of cutting fabrics I thought why not divide! I stuck masking tape on fabric in no particular order creating something abstract  and geometric and used textile inks that I had left over to fill out the created shapes. Well I love the sudden results not particulaly how it looks, but of possibilities that I can see were created with this technique.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash BlueBerry AshWhatever I have made will use it as a scarf for the new autumn season 😉

Lesson with Eeli

 Drawing and painting it’s something that I have not done for a while and I miss it… I took a paint brush last night and joined visual artist Eeli-Ethel Polli for her creative colour mixing lesson that I have been planning to do for a month … Check out her page, she is a super amazing artist, I have got an eye on one of her prints 🙂

Can you see what colours have been mixed and which ones are the result?

After a big happy holiday I’m glad to be back here. I started this year by experimenting with screen printing by using paper cut-outs; it is a quick and easy printing method where cool unexpected results are guaranteed 🙂

hand printed fabric

hand printed textileshand printed textileshand printed fabrichand printed fabrichand printed textileAnd printing can get even better when you are printing with a friend, thank you to Asako for her great company and a delicious lunch on the day 🙂