My Creative Space

This is my first time joining Our Creative Spaces this year and I am very excited to share what I am up to creatively.

Just recently I have started experimenting with abstract printing on fine fibers, very interesting process. Β I like to observe and analyse how fibers absorb ink or not :). What is the amount of ink needed to print on finer fabrics or how thick or thin inks need to be? Which squeegee creates better result than other? What colours overlaps well etc…All have to be recorded in a journal for a further experimentation. I think it’s my favourite part in the design development, slowly working towards great results, making mistakes, learning, perfecting.

BlueBerry Ash fabric

BlueBerry Ash fabricBlueBerry Ash fabricSee other creative spaces here.


6 thoughts on “My Creative Space

    • Thank you, Lamina. My inks are nearly run out, I need to take time and mix them again. I quite like these colours myself; I think I will be working with them for a while πŸ™‚

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