New fabrics old design.
Strawberry Field print is back and even better as craft panels.
I uploaded it all into BlueBerry Ash store today. Go and have a look at these newly hand printed precious. What do you think? Did I put my silk screen to a good use? What would you create using these? Let me know your thoughts and you might get a little surprise in your mail box (already sent) 🙂

hand printed fabric

tickle the imagination

BlueBerry AshHave you heard of the Tickle The Imagination online mag? Well, if not, then you definitely should check it out. It’s an Australian online magazine run by Tanya Collier, with beautifully styled photos, great ideas for parties, home decor and tutorials. The name speaks for itself, total inspiration.

I am so glad that I contributed my share. Tanya did a great job of presenting Skazka fabrics. Don’t you agree?

BlueBerry Ash

Wow! I have been jumping up and down. Still can’t believe it! My textiles are in Home Beautiful magazine September issue! Thank you to Stephanie and John for such a gorgeous styling and photography work.

BlueBerry Ash textilesI bought two copies, one for me, one for my mum, but thinking of getting more for the rest of the family 🙂

BlueBerry Ash

Love the scissors idea.

BlueBerry AshBlueBerry AshTribal blanket was used as a tablecloth, how cool is that?

Here are the products that are in the Home Beautiful magazine.

HUTS tea towel in Warm Yellow

BlueBerry AshTRIBAL summer blanket

BlueBerry AshORIENTAL SWIRLS cushion cover in Classy Blue

BlueBerry Ash

I had an awesome weekend! Why? Because it was my birthday!

It all started from Friday night when my dear in-laws arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of Australian native plants. I love these flowers, all uniqueness in one bunch.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

Saturday was full of surprises. From the best present ever, to absolutely delicious Fish & Chips for lunch in The Boat House.  All was perfect.

BlueBerry AshBTW if you have never been at The Boat House in Palm Beach, then add this place to your visit list, it’s awesome. Check these plants at the entrance!

BlueBerry AshNext day was quieter, touched by sweet little treasures. Like these fresh lemons and gorgeous camellias from the in-laws garden, they were so kind to share them with me.  Their garden is just bursting with winter harvest at the moment.

BlueBerry Ash

BlueBerry AshThank you my lovely family for creating such a wonderful birthday for me. I am still in my weekend mood, but reality is calling me back.

BlueBerry Ash SALE has started today. It will go on till the 30th of July. With a new discount to be announced every day during the 7 day sale. Today’s deal is 20% off on all Oriental Swirls and Sea Bouquet fabrics! The special will run for today only! From 9 am Monday 23.07.12 to 8 am Tuesday 24.07.12 by EST! Go to the BlueBerry Ash store and click the SALE category to receive the discount!

BlueBerry Ash


Yesterday I have hosted a giveaway on my Facebook page with great prizes to be won!

  1. KNOCK KNOCK cushion cover
  2. APPLES fabric bundle of 3
  3. STRAWBERRY FIELD tea towel
    In colour of your choice!    blueberry ash textilesThe idea is to reach 250 likes on the BlueBerry Ash facebook page, so as soon as a total of followers will hit 250 I will announce three winners.  When I checked last time it was nearly 200! As the numbers quickly climbing up I didn’t want you, my blog readers, to miss the opportunity of winning my creations 🙂

    If you’re interested please come and play along! All you need to do is comment below the giveaway post here!

Heavy rain woke me up this morning. I think it was trying to spoil my day 😉 But it’s not that easy when I have new fabrics to work with that just arrived.

BlueBerry Ash Textiles

On the weekend I have been making market bags, using some fabric leftovers that may not have printed well. I managed to turn scraps into two perfectly scruffy bags, hand printed, handmade and a bit of hand stitched. I don’t know why, but I got attached to them quite a bit, it’s kind of silly, but I hope they will be found by someone special who will love them to bits 🙂 Meanwhile they will be in my shops here and here waiting for that special to come along…

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles

My Creative Space

This is my first time joining Our Creative Spaces this year and I am very excited to share what I am up to creatively.

Just recently I have started experimenting with abstract printing on fine fibers, very interesting process.  I like to observe and analyse how fibers absorb ink or not :). What is the amount of ink needed to print on finer fabrics or how thick or thin inks need to be? Which squeegee creates better result than other? What colours overlaps well etc…All have to be recorded in a journal for a further experimentation. I think it’s my favourite part in the design development, slowly working towards great results, making mistakes, learning, perfecting.

BlueBerry Ash fabric

BlueBerry Ash fabricBlueBerry Ash fabricSee other creative spaces here.

Lesson with Eeli #2

Continuing art lessons with Eeli... her next lesson is called Cut and clue paper collage. Eeli recomends: “Cut pieces of colored papers in various shapes, round, square and triangular. Before gluing pieces on paper, play with them and try a variety of compositions, try to find compositions where color and shape fit better together.” I have been thinking on how I can implement my craft into her lessons. Cut the fabric scraps? but guess what, I hardly have any leftovers, as I don’t like wastage and tend to print very precisely 🙂  An idea came to my mind when I was experimenting with silk/cotton fabric painting and holding masking tape in my hands. Instead of cutting fabrics I thought why not divide! I stuck masking tape on fabric in no particular order creating something abstract  and geometric and used textile inks that I had left over to fill out the created shapes. Well I love the sudden results not particulaly how it looks, but of possibilities that I can see were created with this technique.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash BlueBerry AshWhatever I have made will use it as a scarf for the new autumn season 😉