Perhaps one day I will design something as beautiful as these floral patterns from the Botanic Garden.

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tickle the imagination

BlueBerry AshHave you heard of the Tickle The Imagination online mag? Well, if not, then you definitely should check it out. It’s an Australian online magazine run by Tanya Collier, with beautifully styled photos, great ideas for parties, home decor and tutorials. The name speaks for itself, total inspiration.

I am so glad that I contributed my share. Tanya did a great job of presenting Skazka fabrics. Don’t you agree?

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Story and sneak peek.

Walking in the woods with my family, picking little forest strawberries and immediately consuming them along the way…Baskets full of mushrooms… Spotting birds between the branches.

For my inspiration I quite often go back to my childhood. The memories of it make me smile and warm my heart. I think my parents did a truly great job at providing me with experiences that later in life brought me beautiful reminiscences and with these are inspirations.

I especially remember our trips to the woods for mushroom picking. We would leave for the woods early, about 4 am. My dad carrying me to our tiny car half asleep and I am waking up with the forest scenery. Grandma and grandad explaining about mushroom picking. Having a picnic lunch in the meadow, don’t know why, but food always tasted better on our mushroom picking adventures. The sounds, the light just beautiful…I even can smell the woods air, now, while writing about it.

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My imagination would run wild on those trips, I would dream about bears walking up to me. Or are witch flying above and forest creatures following our steps. I would end up in imaginary fairy-tale for the rest of the day.

The fairy-tale is called skazka in Russian and that’s what I called my new collection, because SKAZKA designs are enthused by those memories…

All above, is my little story and sneak peek of my new work. I thought it’s important to share here with you a bit of my life, in order to understand what is behind my designs and where some of them are coming from.

Lesson with Eeli #3

BlueBerry Ash textiles

I finally did one more lesson with Eeli “Paint and draw a hand painted postcard. Honestly, it was more like… lets say inspired by Eeli’s lesson. There is something wrong with me; I am a total fiasco at following the instructions. I see it and do it my own way. Not sure, is it good or bad…

In her lesson, Eeli recommends to cut paper into pieces of needed size, which I did. Paint freely on cards, using acrylic colours and black marker for details. This is the part where I failed 🙂 I used water colour and gouache instead; the black marker part is missing too. But I like the result. When I looked at little paintings, I saw a pattern in my work. Some paintings were united either by colour or shape or texture. You see, they are like little cohesive collections. I definitely will use them in further works.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles