Fine Finds: winter

It the first days of winter in Sydney. It’s cold. I love it. There is something comforting and cosy that cold season carry, something peaceful and slow. Warm clothes, blankets, hot cups of tea and winter cooking in the house indicate that winter is here.

BlueBerry Ash textilesWith this season come good memories. I think it the one thing I miss a lot from Russia, a proper winter with a good snow and cold. The feeling when you walk it to the warm home after being in the freezing outside, is invaluable. Immediate instinctive appreciation and satisfaction flows through your body, followed by so desired hot cuppa.

Fine Finds: cats

Usually it’s a wordless post, but I feel like I own here some explanation. Fine Finds posts are my photographs of what I find interesting, inspiring or exciting for future designs. I photograph images on my walks and unite these images under one common. Today’s post is Cats 🙂 I am mad about these furry creatures and I love getting to know them whenever I see them on the street. Some are happy, sweet and soft characters, some are cranky and scaredy kittens, but those who I made friends with and not shy, I photographed. So here they are my furry friends …

blueberry ash maybe one day I will create something as cool as this :)…

found via WORTHIS