I am back!

     I know I disappeared too suddenly, without notice and all to blame my lack of organisational skills. We’ve been moving house, it was chaotic! I simply was overwhelmed by how much stuff we accumulated fover the past 7 years. Especially me, with my papers, paints, fabrics and such…Unpacking isn’t done yet (can’t wait to sort it all out) and internet has not been fully resumed, but I am back. And I have got something interesting too. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and if you are like me not prepared for it, here is your help. Valentine’s Day free printables! Card or gift wrap or choose both! I have made it in two sizes A4, A6 and in two styles. Whichever you prefer 🙂
Print it out and share your love!

Click on image to download.

valentines day cardvalentines day card