My Creative Space

There are a few things happening here today. First of all a little sneak peek of my new tutorial that I am working on. Remember that abstract experiment with painting on fabric? Well I am using purple abstract for my Fashionista Bag tutorial, combining it with leather. Stay tuned, I will complete it in a next few days.

Another thing that I am working on today is building up stock for pre-Christmas studio market, tea towels and pillow cases are to be made today. I will post more information about our market later here and on my Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Hi Maria! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, but most importantly thank you for the wonderful printed fabric, I love it. I’m already dreaming up what I can make with it. And I love the other bits too, thank you, they will all be put to good use. I must admit I’m feeling a little nervous and hope that you like what I’m printing for you. I’m a real novice unlike you :-). I look forward to having a good look through your blog soon. Jo x

    • Hi Jo, I am glad you liked my fabrics, please share your creations with me, I can’t wait to see what you will make. And don’t be nervous with your fabric printing, I will love it no matter what!

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