My Creative Space


Working on mini patterns for a facelift of my blog; not all of them I like but I can pick a few.

It will be my Christmas present to my blog 🙂

hopefully it all will work out as I planned and be ready for a great start in the New Year.

What do you think is any of this patters will be suitable for the blog buttons?

Other creative spaces can be found here.


8 thoughts on “My Creative Space

    • I usually do not sketch and draw straight away without fear, in other words I tend to push myself and paint without thinking too much, just listening to my inner, if it makes sense. In this case I didn’t sketch either; just divided my diary page into little spaces and painted out what I had in me 🙂

    • Alex my lovely kitty is always with me no matter what I do, especially when I am sewing or painting, very cheeky cat. I am thinking of using these patterns for my blog background, banner or blog buttons … will see how it all works out together.

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