Bag DIY + blog adjustments

It’s been on my mind for a while. After long consideration, I have decided to bring in a few new topics on this blog. So besides current posts on printing, drawing, shop updates etc I will introduce bit of recycling, diy, making & crafting and simple cooking into my blogging routine.

I enjoy recycling. Its about creating with purpose, using what I have got and giving another go to an thing. It’s what I grew up with and its how my mind works. So I thought I will put this to good use and even maybe that will encourage you to do the same.

Here is my first recycling post for you.“Re-use a towel, make a bag”. It not a particular precise step by step tutorial, but a just an idea giver. Let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesIf any of you have questions or suggestions regarding any DIYs or tutorials, I will be happy to hear them. Perhaps you wrote a DIY post yourself, then share a link to your DIY in comment section below for everyone to see 🙂