My Creative Space

Today I will be sewing … scarfs and more scarfs! Last week I purchased more gorgeous soft fabrics and was again experimenting with dyeing it. This week is serious business, working on final steps of making scarfs and making it perfect 🙂

BlueBerry Ash Textiles

Other task for today is to print more of this fabric in different colours.  I have quilted market bags ideas with this Chained print flying in my head, hope I will be fast with my scarf sewing and will get to print at least few…

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My Creative Space

There are a few things happening here today. First of all a little sneak peek of my new tutorial that I am working on. Remember that abstract experiment with painting on fabric? Well I am using purple abstract for my Fashionista Bag tutorial, combining it with leather. Stay tuned, I will complete it in a next few days.

Another thing that I am working on today is building up stock for pre-Christmas studio market, tea towels and pillow cases are to be made today. I will post more information about our market later here and on my Facebook page.

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My Creative Space

Collage is what I am sharing with you today at My Creative Space. I pulled together items that are always with me at my desk helping me to create and photographed them together with what I am working on.

Some of these things are especially dear to me like these scissors, which were passed down through generations and ended up with me here in Australia. They belonged to my great grandad that was a veterinary and lived in middle Volga of soviet Russia; he used those scissors at his work place. Just thinking about this great journey that these scissors made and those hands that created with them motivates me. My great grandad, my grandad, my mum and now me, it’s incredible and they are in perfect condition, been built to last forever.

Does you creative space has got something that brings kind memories to you, inspires you, motivates?

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My Creative Space

This morning I decided to participate in Our Creative Spaces. It’s an open to anyone who creates a weekly blogging theme that I found through Plushka Craft blog of a very talented crafty girl. The idea is to post a photo from your creative space every Thursday to share what you’re working on that day! It’s not the only reason I decided to commit to this theme, but to add a discipline to my blogging routine. So from now on every Thursday I will blog about my creative space and what I am up to.

This morning my creative space was my bedroom, where I took photos of my new cushion covers for my Etsy shop.

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