Shop Update

Last week I have printed a few new Strawberry Field table runners. Table runners are something that I haven’t done before. It’s a totally new product for my shop, hope it will become well-liked. I used Classy Blue, Sweet Pink, Mustard inks and 100% Russian linen for printing. Mustard one turned out to be my favourite print, I must screen print it for myself 🙂

BlueBerry Ash Textiles

BlueBerry Ash TextilesWhile photographing today these runners to upload in store, pink colour print, as usually, caused me some annoyance. I always have problems with photographing red and especially pinks. It’s one of the colours that never turned out to be correct match to the reality when photographing. Does anyone have a suggestion? It’s time to look deeper into photography, I think.

BlueBerry Ash TextilesToday or tomorrow I will print placemats in addition to these table runners.

P.S click on image to see the runners in store


Fine Finds: pink addict

Sometimes self discoveries hits hard, just like today. It seems that I am unconsciously, unknowingly addicted to pink.  Can you be addicted to something without realising it?  Apparently it’s possible.

Thinking about Fine Finds post forced me look around my house. To my surprise I have spotted a lot of pink items, and collected them all on my dining table. It turned to be a mountain of pink.

There was everything from tissue box to my British rainy boots.  It sounds as if while purchasing I choose most things in pink or in colour that contain pink tone. Do I instinctively crave pink? Does it mean anything? How about you? What colour are you addicted to?

Its kind of weird, but all my pinks inspired me, next time I am printing, I am printing in pink.