Woo Hoo!

We all had a great time at Finders Keepers! We will definitely try doing it again!

Fantastic two days, great feedbacks, smiley and happy buyers!

Especial Thank You to my partners in crime : Anna, Carizza, Cecilia and Laura

and to dear all, who came to our stall and said hello!


Collectivism interview on Finders Keepers blog!

My friend Cindy “skyped” me this morning a link to our Collectivism interview on Finders Keepers blog! Check it out!

Building up stock

I spent past few days in a studio printing as many quarters of fabric as I can, for an upcoming Finders Keepers, time flying fast and I am worrying I won’t be able to get done all the things that I have planed, but hey, I am trying and most important I am having fun!


…it’s not permanent but temporary, a community space where we are artists, designers, printers sharing one corner. Myself and other four girls Anna, Carizza, Cecilia and Laura grouped together, to bring best out of each other, help printing, share enthusiasm, inspiration and various business responsibilities. It’s comforting to work knowing that we have each other to support, push and motivate to go forward. We named our collaboration “Collectivism”. We are all from different backgrounds with our own ideas and styles, and this is great because it is creates a variety of products for Collectivism. If you want to check out what we are creating or if you just want to chat, please visit us at Finders Keepers Market  in Sydney on 20 and 21 of May where we will have a table!