Fine Finds

We visited Sydney Northern Beachers today. I stumbled upon those beautiful little finds- the gifts of nature. I love this smooth texture on shells and wood that only ocean can create through it persistent work and time.


My Creative Space

Wow , between creating,  reorganising and cleaning my house for in laws arrival, this week has passed so quickly,   It’s time for Our Creative Spaces again! I decided to share what I am working on, a few things actually. Africana designs that’s in the developing process can be seen on my mood board, when I finish I am thinking to send the  designs for digital printing,  as I want to use a lot of colours in this collection and will be impossible to screen print it in that many colours.

There is other collection I have been spending time on that has been inspired through my love of Asia. I am mesmerised by oriental decorative arts, under its influence I have been sketching different motifs that would come to my mind and use those drawings in feather patterns development. The collection is nearly ready a few little touchers and its will be ready to print. Stay tuned!

Our Creative Spaces