New assistant Missy

 We were expecting to have her with us a bit earlier, but after surgery complications, she has to stay at the vet a bit longer. She been waiting to be with us for a while and went through a lot before we found her. She is about 2 years old feline, who were found on the street, heavily pregnant and was taken to the vet, where she had her adorable kitties. Super adorable! I was so close to take them home, but instead we adopted the mother.

You see, we thought it’s not easy for older cats to find home, it’s not easy for them to win peoples heart. Who knows when she will find a warm home to live in? And decision was made!

We called her Missy. She is settling in nicely into her new routine and fighting with Alex over her jobs and tasks.

Here she is, my new assistant Missy! Isn’t she is fun?

BlueBerry Ash textiles

Here is how she looks when she keeps her mouth shut 🙂

BlueBerry Ash textiles


Fine Finds: cats

Usually it’s a wordless post, but I feel like I own here some explanation. Fine Finds posts are my photographs of what I find interesting, inspiring or exciting for future designs. I photograph images on my walks and unite these images under one common. Today’s post is Cats 🙂 I am mad about these furry creatures and I love getting to know them whenever I see them on the street. Some are happy, sweet and soft characters, some are cranky and scaredy kittens, but those who I made friends with and not shy, I photographed. So here they are my furry friends …

blueberry ash maybe one day I will create something as cool as this :)…

found via WORTHIS

Fashionista Clutch Tutorial

DIY clutch tutorialClutches took over fashion world by boom in a last year or so, there is a massive amount varieties on the market, each designer offers their unique clutch.  I do have a few favorites in mind but they are not in my price range, anywhere from $300,$500 for a pouch, this is what clutch is, hmmm… too dear.  I decided make my own and share with you the steps to make one.

It took me a while to conclude this tutorial. I can’t tell you how many things went wrong – nearly everything actually 🙂  I forgot to buy zipper, can you imagine a clutch without a zipper or any kind of lock? Mistakes with pattern. Even the weather was not friendly to me to the point that I could not take proper photos, so sorry for bad quality of some images, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Let’s start from the materials you will need: zipper size equal to the width of your clutch, thread, fabric for lining, leather and fabric for the clutch. I used my hand painted fabric experiment. Other thing is to mention before we start that all seams allowances in this tutorial are about 1 to 1.5 cm.

hand painted fabric bag tutorial

Figure out what size clutch do you want, as I love oversized bags I decided that I will be only satisfied with an oversized clutch, so my clutch size is 40×48 cm in unfolded version.

Cut 2 details from each fabric and leather. Leather pieces are 40x 25 cm, body’s fabric 40 x 22 cm and lining 40x 50 cm adding 1 cm on each side for seams. Basically keep the width of each piece the same, like in my variation it is 40 cm.

hand painted fabric

DIY clutch tutorial

hand printed fabric

Join the leather pieces with the main fabric, by facing them to each other and sew them together on a long side leaving about 1cm from the edge for a seam.

DIY  clutch tutorial

It’s a time to attach zipper. This took me a while to think which technique to use. I will try to explain it here but if you are not familiar with sewing and my tutorial is unclear to you check this video on zipper tutorial here from Pandemic Apparel (use exposed zipper technique).

Lay the zipper face up, place the fabric face down on top of the zipper,  face to face edge to edge and sew it as close to the actual zippers teeth as your sewing machines foot allows. You don’t need to use a zipper foot for this. Do same the step with the other side of the zipper and the other piece of fabric, It should look like this.

DIY clutch tutorial

DIY clutch tutorial

Attach lining by placing it on top of wrong side of the zipper equalling it along the long edge and sew it slightly closer to the edge than the sewn fabric. As you can see on the picture first goes the lining then on top it is the zipper with fabric that have been attached to it  earlier . Do symmetrically with other piece of lining.

DIY clutch tutorial

DIY clutch tutorial

DIY hand bag tutorial

Open flat each completed piece with the zipper being in the middle, you must have two pieces like on the picture below.

Place them symmetrically on top of each other equalling each seam, leave zipper inside half-open ( to help in turning inside out).

Join those two pieces by stitching around their perimeter leaving bottom edge of a lining open you will need this for turning clutch inside out. Round up corners while sewing if need it. My zipper was too long so I had to leave some unstitched space around the end of zipper. I suggest to you keep it simple and have the right size zipper 🙂

DIY hand bag tutorial

Turn it inside out.

DIY hand bag tutorial

Lift lining half way up along the clutch, and sew by hand with a loose stitch lining to clutch, seam to seam. This step will secure lining to stay in place inside of your clutch.

DIY hand bag tutorial

Straighten lining down; it should end up a bit longer than the actual clutch length.

DIY hand bag tutorial

Fold extra fabric inside of lining matching the length of the clutch.

DIY clutch tutorial

Sew it few millimetres away from edge. Hide or cut threads.

DIY hand bag tutorial

Turn it outside out.

DIY hand bag tutorial

Fill your newly made bag with goodies and you are ready for the day!

clutch tutorial

I love this clutch and I will definitely make more for my shop, stay tuned 🙂

P.S  I have to give a credit to my beautiful helper Alex she was next to me in every step of this tutorial.