Hi everyone 🙂 Today’s discount is “Buy two tea towels and get one free”. All tea towels are designed and hand printed by me. Sweet and unique, perfect as a present.

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I had an awesome weekend! Why? Because it was my birthday!

It all started from Friday night when my dear in-laws arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of Australian native plants. I love these flowers, all uniqueness in one bunch.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

Saturday was full of surprises. From the best present ever, to absolutely delicious Fish & Chips for lunch in The Boat House.  All was perfect.

BlueBerry AshBTW if you have never been at The Boat House in Palm Beach, then add this place to your visit list, it’s awesome. Check these plants at the entrance!

BlueBerry AshNext day was quieter, touched by sweet little treasures. Like these fresh lemons and gorgeous camellias from the in-laws garden, they were so kind to share them with me.  Their garden is just bursting with winter harvest at the moment.

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BlueBerry AshThank you my lovely family for creating such a wonderful birthday for me. I am still in my weekend mood, but reality is calling me back.

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Look what I received in the mail today. Eeli-Ethel Polli’s art!

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The Birthday present from myself to myself 🙂 I have been dreaming of having her work in my house; I feel so joyful when I see Eeli’s work. Isn’t it awesome to have things in your home that always makes you happy?

I purchased one original abstract painting with beautiful layers and textures and a print with the cat (sure you know that I am mad about cats). But Eeli was so kind, she included in the package her new Peony postcard and promo card, they are lovely and will be framed too. Ah, I am a happy girl!

And check Eeli’s home, isn’t it lovely?

Eeli-Ethel PolliHappy art, happy space.

I had a lovely time today putting around Sydney harbour. Sunny and warm weather was a little sweet surprise in the middle of Sydney winter.  Forgot to take camera with me, but managed to take few photos with iphone.

These sparkles made a pretty addition to the day.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesI wish such beautiful weather will stays with us for longer.

Bag DIY + blog adjustments

It’s been on my mind for a while. After long consideration, I have decided to bring in a few new topics on this blog. So besides current posts on printing, drawing, shop updates etc I will introduce bit of recycling, diy, making & crafting and simple cooking into my blogging routine.

I enjoy recycling. Its about creating with purpose, using what I have got and giving another go to an thing. It’s what I grew up with and its how my mind works. So I thought I will put this to good use and even maybe that will encourage you to do the same.

Here is my first recycling post for you.“Re-use a towel, make a bag”. It not a particular precise step by step tutorial, but a just an idea giver. Let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textiles

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textilesIf any of you have questions or suggestions regarding any DIYs or tutorials, I will be happy to hear them. Perhaps you wrote a DIY post yourself, then share a link to your DIY in comment section below for everyone to see 🙂

winter treat

It gets cold during the day particularly when I don’t move as such and working on the computer. Really, I have never been cold as much in my life as here in Sydney. Cold outside, cold inside and no escape. Mean.

On one of those cold Sydney days like today, a lovely lady gave me an idea to make a cup of chai to keep myself warm. And I did, it turned out to be my favourite treat during cold days. It keeps me warm and comfy at my desk. As is my nature I don’t follow the recipes, but do follow some principles in cooking; it must be fast, not expensive and relatively healthy 🙂 After a few adjustments, I perfected my own chai recipe…So if it’s cold where you are, treat yourself with this winter warmer.

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Into the pot, with two-three cups of boiling of water pour two heaped teaspoons of your favourite tea, I am pretty sure green tea can be used too. Add 12 cloves, 3 peppercorns, 1 anise star, 3 cardamom pods and little bit of vanilla to taste. Let it all boil for about a minute or two, turn heat to the lowest, simmer for ten minutes. Strain chai to your cup, if you like add milk and honey to taste.

Enjoy! And stay warm!