Happy 2013!

Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the move into next year with your family and friends.

May this year be kind to you all!

Even though I haven’t been here for a long time, I did miss this space. I thought it would be a great idea to come back and do a quick post on looking back into 2012. It was big, exciting, very changing and challenging year for me, my family and BlueBerry Ash.

Our year started with moving to a new absolutely beautiful place, the area that I never want to leave. The whole move brought a whole new energy to our life!

year 2012_BlueBerry Ash

“Tribal” collection was the first prints of last year and so is the making of ”Tribal” summer blanket which later one were featured in Home Beautiful magazine. Participation in Spoonflower contest with” Baghdad” design and 100 likes on Facebook fan page were other nice highlights of the first month.

For Valentines Day I designed new love heart printables and the Bohema cushion were featured on front page on Madeit in February.

New free printables, my first big interview with Boxed Online and blog post in March at Free Range Living.New tote bags and silk hand died scarfs were designed and made in March too.

We adopted our Missy in April! New “Apples” design became most popular design of the year and my favourite market bag “Through Streets” was made in this month

More” Apples” in May and In-Laws arrival!!!

Interview on Etsy in June, first ever camping experience in Australia and photo of Knock Knock cushions in “Real Living” mag.

Skazka and Tropinka were designed and printed in July.

August brought Photoshoots in “Home Beautiful” and “Tickle The Imagination” magazines.

Through Street design were printed in September.

And to top it all off the opening of Digital Fabrics in October another project of mine.

Struggling with hardly anytime left I managed to finish of my last design for the 2012 “Christmas Print”


chrismas3Things that I don’t remember when but have happened: BlueBerry Ash was mentioned in various blogs and sites including Apartment Therapy, I have opened an account on Societry6 and sold few things, three resellers’ agreements were signed during 2012. Great designers used my fabrics for their work. A Spoon Full Of Sugar did an amazing tutorial using my fabrics.

Thank you to all lovely crafters who enjoyed and used my work to create beautifully. Especial thank you to Plushka Craft, Piggleede, Seventh Sphere.

Year 2012

I don’t know what this year will bring, but my plans are HUGE and as much as I can, I will try to share some of them here. As for this year resolutions I have only one “Take it easy”. Wish me luck 🙂


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