winter treat

It gets cold during the day particularly when I don’t move as such and working on the computer. Really, I have never been cold as much in my life as here in Sydney. Cold outside, cold inside and no escape. Mean.

On one of those cold Sydney days like today, a lovely lady gave me an idea to make a cup of chai to keep myself warm. And I did, it turned out to be my favourite treat during cold days. It keeps me warm and comfy at my desk. As is my nature I don’t follow the recipes, but do follow some principles in cooking; it must be fast, not expensive and relatively healthy 🙂 After a few adjustments, I perfected my own chai recipe…So if it’s cold where you are, treat yourself with this winter warmer.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

Into the pot, with two-three cups of boiling of water pour two heaped teaspoons of your favourite tea, I am pretty sure green tea can be used too. Add 12 cloves, 3 peppercorns, 1 anise star, 3 cardamom pods and little bit of vanilla to taste. Let it all boil for about a minute or two, turn heat to the lowest, simmer for ten minutes. Strain chai to your cup, if you like add milk and honey to taste.

Enjoy! And stay warm!


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