New assistant Missy

 We were expecting to have her with us a bit earlier, but after surgery complications, she has to stay at the vet a bit longer. She been waiting to be with us for a while and went through a lot before we found her. She is about 2 years old feline, who were found on the street, heavily pregnant and was taken to the vet, where she had her adorable kitties. Super adorable! I was so close to take them home, but instead we adopted the mother.

You see, we thought it’s not easy for older cats to find home, it’s not easy for them to win peoples heart. Who knows when she will find a warm home to live in? And decision was made!

We called her Missy. She is settling in nicely into her new routine and fighting with Alex over her jobs and tasks.

Here she is, my new assistant Missy! Isn’t she is fun?

BlueBerry Ash textiles

Here is how she looks when she keeps her mouth shut 🙂

BlueBerry Ash textiles


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