Versatile Blogger Award

 I was nominated by two wonderful bloggers Tori and  Morphodidius for the Versatile Blogger Award. Tori is from One Eleven Studio and nominated me a long time ago, I mean really long. Sorry Tori.  Morphodidius from Accretions Of Stimuli did it recently. Second time nominated? It kind of pushed me to participate.

 The versatile blogger award is all about getting to know other bloggers and blogs they read.

Here is what I need to do. Nominate other 10-15 bloggers (actually this part is not clear to me, as some texts tell to recommend 7 bloggers). Inform the bloggers of their nomination Share 7 random things about yourself. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Here are the nominees

 Plushka Craft


White Mouse Creations

El Corredor GRISS

Cherry and Cinnamon

Hannah Byatt

Angry Pear


And here are the 7 random things about me

 I can’t swim

I love walking in the rain

I am scared of dark

I love to cook but never cook by recipe

I snore 🙂

I like to peep into other people’s windows

I want to travel around the world

 Please check these two girls blogs, who made this post happen. Their blogs are very different, but they are both very talented.

Tori is a bag designer and maker at One. Eleven studio, she makes beautiful handbags and purses and I can’t wait until she will open her online store.

Morphodidius is an amazing artist, so many pieces of hers I would just hang on my walls. Seriously! This one is my latest favourite. One day I will buy her art! Check Accretions Of Stimuli blog to see her work.


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