I miss you, I miss my blog…

I didnt write anything for a while, did I? Why? Sometimes I find it difficult to write, words don’t come easily to me, or quite often I will write post, save in drafts, then I will delete it. Sometimes I think there is nothing major to write about and do people really want to read this? Yep, these are my thoughts and doubts, that visit me from time to time and that is when I reluctant to post.

Ok let’s get to what you have missed:

Beautiful Hannah Byatt interviewed me for her blog, you might be interested to read it here.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

My old Knock Knock design has been exposed on screen. I have started printing it in new colours.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash textiles

I have opened one more BlueBerry Ash online store at CRAFTUMI.

Which you are welcome to visit.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

And here is little sneak peak for you of my new designs.

BlueBerry Ash textiles

There is more awesomeness coming up, but I can’t reveal it yet, so stay tuned.


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  1. Hi Bridgeen and thank you 🙂 why not Etsy? cos I have one on Etsy already 🙂 It was my first store that I opened and I love it. Craftumi and Madeit another sites like Etsy but focused on Australian handmade. I like the idea of selling local and promoting Australian made.

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