My screens have been exposed a week ago if not earlier, but everyday seems there was something getting in my way of printing. Today it’s done! Printed! The first batch of new print is done. Fresh design, fresh colours I think it turned out ok. When I was working on this design, I was thinking of those who love to craft, sew and quilt. If you are one of those, would you use it for you project? I will be printing more tomorrow, in some warm and comfy colours, maybe orange, red and yellow…

BlueBerry Ash textiles

I have promised earlier to share the results of dyeing fabrics, and I did, except not here, but on my Facebook page. I tend to use Facebook often instead of blog as it’s easier to post and instant feedbacks are very encouraging. So this is for those who read my blog and not Facebook 🙂 These scarfs that I have made are from dyed earlier fabrics… There is other bunch of scarfs in different colours on its way; in fact it’s in a dye bath this moment slowly absorbing ink. And as soon as all are done, they will be listed in my shop!

BlueBerry Ash textile


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