Lesson with Eeli #2

Continuing art lessons with Eeli... her next lesson is called Cut and clue paper collage. Eeli recomends: “Cut pieces of colored papers in various shapes, round, square and triangular. Before gluing pieces on paper, play with them and try a variety of compositions, try to find compositions where color and shape fit better together.” I have been thinking on how I can implement my craft into her lessons. Cut the fabric scraps? but guess what, I hardly have any leftovers, as I don’t like wastage and tend to print very precisely 🙂  An idea came to my mind when I was experimenting with silk/cotton fabric painting and holding masking tape in my hands. Instead of cutting fabrics I thought why not divide! I stuck masking tape on fabric in no particular order creating something abstract  and geometric and used textile inks that I had left over to fill out the created shapes. Well I love the sudden results not particulaly how it looks, but of possibilities that I can see were created with this technique.

BlueBerry Ash textilesBlueBerry Ash BlueBerry AshWhatever I have made will use it as a scarf for the new autumn season 😉


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