Spoonflower competition!

Hi everyone! Recently I have entered my first Spoonflower competition with my new Baghdad design.
It was inspirited by old Middle Eastern stories “1001 nights” that my mum used to read to me. No one knows where these stories exactly came from, but the city of Baghdad was one of the main places of heroic and adventurous legends.
This competition is up and running you can find out about it here. And If you like to support me, please vote for my design at the Spoonflower competition page! There you will find my design, click on it and it will get selected, to complete the vote you will need to go through all the pages till the last one and press VOTE.
I know it will take a bit of your time, but I will really appreciate it!

SpoonflowerAnd a special THANK YOU to my Facebook fans in helping me to choose the perfect colourway!


2 thoughts on “Spoonflower competition!

  1. Just voted for your beautiful design! Great choice of colours;) Your fabric stands out out of all of them!! Good luck! x

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