Quick Ribbon Printing Tutorial

I am recycle aware and I like to reuse what I have got before I buy something new. The reason why I did this tutorial is to show one of the ways fabric scraps can be recycled, which will help to decrease the amount of waste we produce during the holidays.

Ribbon printing tutorial

Here it is! You will need paints: textile ink or acrylics will do just fine, any paint leftovers will work. Fabric scraps cut into strips, I have plenty in my house as I do sew a lot or you can use wrapping paper from last year will work fine, just print on the plain side of paper. Brush or sponge to apply paint on stamp.

For actual stamps use your existing stamps if you have them, if not check Lino Printing Tutorial on how to make your own stamp, or you can use potatoes, by carving simple shapes from it, cork, old eraser basically anything that will make a print.

Apply ink on your stamp and print along fabric strips, you can follow certain pattern or not it doesn’t matter. In fact, unfinished scruffy prints has its charms and looks more interesting.

Let ink dry and your ribbons are ready.

Ribbon printing tutorial

I have made 4 different ribbons with my old stamps, which will be enough to wrap up few pressies for coming Christmas gift exchange 🙂


9 thoughts on “Quick Ribbon Printing Tutorial

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  2. I don’t have fabric scraps yet, as I am currently into paper, and haven’t started sewing yet. Someday I do want to start (learning) it and I’m sure I’ll have lots of scraps. I have to keep this in mind!

  3. Love, Love, Love! I love the handmade look and feel of your work. I am a big stamping/printing fan. I have never given stamped ribbon a thought, so thank you for the inspiration. I am off to look for scraps.

    Your Lino Tutorial is brilliant. Thank you for being an artist who shares!

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