People and spaces always was big part of my inspiration, and often not the people themselves but their relationships, connection with/to spaces.  After watching the movie Manhattan and in particular the scene where Mary and Isaac are having a conversation at night sitting on the bench next to The Manhattan Bridge ( how many times I have seen this place in movies, such an iconic bench 🙂 ) and then the recently watched video that I have found through Griscel’s  El Corredor GRISS blog made me think about social spaces. Not a Facebook  or Twitter etc  where most of us catching up now days, but  social street/outside places where people love to gather together, meet up with each other, hosting parades or demonstrations,  having a date or just hanging out, those” meet up destination” points. What attracts people to those places? Besides obvious interactive attraction like in this video, what makes them to become a significant for people? Why they become that social gathering magnet, what is it convenience, architecture, beauty, fame, the point of intersection or maybe something bigger invisible to the eye?  Is it some kind of emotions that this space awakes? There are probably a few answers…

 While living in Sydney my number one meet up spot became to be QVB- Queen Victoria Building, Druitt St entrance. It’s one of the Sydney’s greatest architectures build in 1898, conveniently located in the heart of Sydney. Countless times I catched up with my friends there and no matter from what side of Sydney you are coming East or North The QVB would be the cross road location that easy to be found.

image from QVB website

For a quick recharge local Blues Point at McMahons Point, little park right on the harbor with magnificent view on to the city. To this place I definitely attracted by emotions that this view brings, it just breathtaking.

image from Foodie Pop blog

And this is The  Military Glory Square in my home town Yoshkar-Ola absolute meet up point where I use to go with my mum and dad, as you can see by the size of this monument to Military Glory it is an easy to find place.

image from Olacity website.

or this opera square.

image from MariUver website

Are there places like this in your town?  Are they special to you and why?


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