Fine Finds: pink addict

Sometimes self discoveries hits hard, just like today. It seems that I am unconsciously, unknowingly addicted to pink.  Can you be addicted to something without realising it?  Apparently it’s possible.

Thinking about Fine Finds post forced me look around my house. To my surprise I have spotted a lot of pink items, and collected them all on my dining table. It turned to be a mountain of pink.

There was everything from tissue box to my British rainy boots.  It sounds as if while purchasing I choose most things in pink or in colour that contain pink tone. Do I instinctively crave pink? Does it mean anything? How about you? What colour are you addicted to?

Its kind of weird, but all my pinks inspired me, next time I am printing, I am printing in pink.


4 thoughts on “Fine Finds: pink addict

  1. I am definitely addicted to black! At least the color you’re addicted to is cheerful; Black can be so serious and somber 😉
    PS~I love your fabric designs. What a beautiful labor of love.

  2. Pink is supposed to have a calming and uplifting effect. They often paint mental institutions and prisons in pink because of this quality…maybe you are successfully treating your dark side!!! Either way, beautiful images! : )

    • Thank you Alissa for clarifying my pink addiction… Hmmm prisons and mental institutions… You probably right! I am unconsciously treating some kind of lunacy 🙂 I should look deep into myself

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