Fine Finds: wonder hues

I have done Fine Finds posts here before and I decided to continue this idea and to turn it into weekly feature –  it’s very inspiring and fun to me. I do see lots if things around me that others don’t, no I am not a ghost whisperer, I happen to be constantly aware of things that can inspire me. I do slow down with my thoughts and pay attention what is around. I take lot of photos of surroundings for my own references and I would like it to share with you.

Today while walking through our neighborhood I took few photos to show you that even little things can raise our imagination. Amazing how many colours can be spotted around, they are fantastic.



9 thoughts on “Fine Finds: wonder hues

  1. Great collage! You did find some wonderful hues!!! The tapes or fabrics on that wooden pole are incredible. Cute cardigan on the little one as well. Lovely work Maria.

    • Hi Leslie! Thank you for visiting, I truly appreciate your comment on my first collage attempt. I am no way as near as good as I would like to be, but I am working on it. Just want to say thank you very very much for being my teacher in the past four weeks. You are incredibly talented and it’s an honour to be your student. 🙂

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