My Creative Space

Wow , between creating,  reorganising and cleaning my house for in laws arrival, this week has passed so quickly,   It’s time for Our Creative Spaces again! I decided to share what I am working on, a few things actually. Africana designs that’s in the developing process can be seen on my mood board, when I finish I am thinking to send the  designs for digital printing,  as I want to use a lot of colours in this collection and will be impossible to screen print it in that many colours.

There is other collection I have been spending time on that has been inspired through my love of Asia. I am mesmerised by oriental decorative arts, under its influence I have been sketching different motifs that would come to my mind and use those drawings in feather patterns development. The collection is nearly ready a few little touchers and its will be ready to print. Stay tuned!

Our Creative Spaces


6 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Hi Maria, wow I am really interested in fabric printing and how you sketch the repetitive patterns – I’ll be reading your blog all over tonight! can’t wait to see the final designs.

  2. Hi Maria!
    Thanks so much for your feedback and sweet comment on my blog!
    I love your work, this african/asian theme looks really exciting!

    best wishes,

  3. Thank you everyone so much for your kind words it’s the best encouragement to me!

    Tess, I tried to look at your blog but it seems that some error occurred.

    Aimee, I don’t have much info on my blog about patterns repeats, lately I have been thinking about sharing here the books and tools that can be used to learn repeats in textile, stay tuned!

    Gaby, your blog is sweet and full of nice juicy photographs; I will be back to your blog to check it out.:)

    Halina, I am new to Our Creative Spaces, it’s my second attempt. Katia from Plushka craft blog recommended it to me and here I am. Our Creative Spaces a great space, it’s very interesting and inspiring to see what others are up to. Your work is beautiful Halina, I have fallen in love with your fearless water colour paintings in old book. Cute!

    Lisa, thank you for visiting my blog! You are very sweet 🙂

    It’s very nice to meet you all,

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