Alexandrovna to Blueberry Ash

from this

to this

When I did set up this blog I was not sure about it, seems like everybody has a blog this days.

Should I get one too?

I decided I will try. If it won’t work at least I will learn something new. I used my middle name Alexandrovna to name this blog. Alexandrovna? Well it’s different and got some kind of uniqueness about it (or maybe not?), but truly, I never had a heart for it.

After days of brainstorming I came up with Blueberry Ash its name of beautiful native Australian tree, I felt that it’s me. As soon as I pronounced Blueberry Ash, childhood memories arose in my mind, happy memories…I am as a little girl in summer woods with my parents picking up berries… I found a connection with this name.It’s inspires me. It’s happy name and I love it.


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